Health and safety risk assessments, advice & audits in schools

Building on the success of the highly acclaimed services for primary schools, consultants are now able to offer generic health and safety risk assessments, advice and audits in schools settings, including secondary schools.

These risk assessment, advice and audit services often include documentations which have been a long time in the making, and have been developed by health and safety professionals who have a great deal of experience of working in this field. A Risk Assessments for secondary schools - a simple solution - may greatly simplify the task of completing risk assessments for your school.

A package should cover full school risk assessment, built on the established primary education document. It may have been expanded to cover the high risk curriculum areas such as Art, DT, Drama, PE and Science. These additional sections cover the general hazards that will be found and may not duplicate information contained in the likes of CLEAPSS.

If you are not too sure about filling out this document an expert consultant can give you all the advice you need.

Risk assessments are a legal requirement checked by OFSTED and are an important part of school Health and Safety. A thorough risk assessment should allow you to easily comply with Health and Safety legislation by following the guidelines issued by the Health and Safety Executive.