Health and safety for carers in home and social care

Caring for people in the community is a very diverse and demanding role, and your employees need to have a range of skills that enable them to both care for their clients and protect themselves. Consultants and trainers should be experienced in providing training in health and safety for carers in home and social care and procedures needed to assist you and your staff.

Care in the community can take many different roles and activities and there is professional help available for you and your staff to find the health and safety support you need in order to care for people in their own homes and social care settings.

Consultants should be able to assist with health and safety policies, training and procedures that are easy for carers to follow, whilst at the same time assisting employers with their legislative responsibilities. Regulators within this sector are taking more interest in staff procedures to ensure the safe delivery of services to those who are vulnerable, highlighting the increasing importance of this type of health and safety service.

Experienced consultants and trainers can assist with:
» Safety policies and procedures
» Risk assessments
» On the spot risk assessments
» Infection control
» Moving and handling of people for Carers and PAs
» Lone working
» Stress awareness
» Health and Safety training including “Mental Capacity Act” awareness
» Reporting procedures
» Safe use of bed rails