Health and safety & risk assessments

All too often in the past risk assessments have been used for preventing activities taking place. We have all heard about the nonsense of schools preventing children from playing conkers on H&S; grounds; however this is not the ideal approach. Schools need to promote enquiring activities to enable children to learn. In social care, many people could benefit from stimulating activities.

Consultancies can offer advice and assistance to develop sensible risk assessments for your organisation, whether you are in an education or social care setting. Head Teachers and Care Managers can be helped to develop and implement health, food and fire safety risk assessments within their working environment.

Over a period of many years sets of generic risk assessments which document most of the hazards encountered in schools or care homes have been prepared. These documents not only show the hazards but also recommend common control measures to reduce the risks involved.

These documents are an effective way of implementing or updating risk assessments and are also a useful training aid for your organisation.

Generic documents exist for:
» Day Nursery
» Primary School
» Secondary School
» Church
» Care Homes