Health and safety legislation and regulations require employers to provide safe conditions for their employees and those they care for. A health and safety should establish the adequacy of your health and safety management system. This will prove beneficial to your organisation when being checked by Ofsted or CQC.

A health and safety audit is a useful way of establishing if your training has been effective and if your employees are following procedures. They are a great way of raising standards and demonstrating your commitment to regulators. They also enable you to achieve legal compliance and assist with defence if something goes wrong.

Your chosen auditors should be experienced in carrying out these audits in schools and care homes where it is tailored to the size of your organisation and clearly shows where you are complying with legislation and improvements need to be made.

An audit should look at your:
» H&S policy
» H&S procedures
» Training
» Food safety
» Infection control
» Accidents and ill health
» Working practices
» Risk assessments
» And much more