Care plans for over sixties

Looking after the over sixties (see for more information) requires a completely different skillset to that that which is required for the care of other age groups. The patient may well be extremely infirm and possibly suffering from dementia, but nevertheless that person has been an adult; possibly a mother or a father, perhaps a senior administrator or professional person. This means that a degree of tact and respect is necessary; despite mental problems many of them will still remember their earlier lives when they were often called upon to make important decisions affecting other people, or when they were fit and active; perhaps far more than the carers whose job it is, now, to look after them.

To find that they need assistance from relative, or even complete, strangersfor even the most basic functions can be a very demoralising experience for them, which means that special training programmes should be set up to show carers how they can carry out their duties, whilst still allowing those they care for to preserve their dignity.